Best Alternatives to Being a VPN Affiliate


All Too Daunting? 

If starting a VPN site from scratch seems too hard (even after reading all my awesome advice), there’s always another option, be a freelance writer for an existing VPN site. 

Plenty of VPN sites are looking for writers. 

Here’s just a handful of solicitations on VPN websites:

The problem is: as a freelancer, your upside is fixed and limited.

For example, the VPN site pays you $50 to write a 500-word post. Great! That's $50 in your pocket.

But imagine if that post captured the imagination of the site’s readers or attracted lots of visitors via Google searches and generated $500 in commissions of VPN sales. The site owner, rather than you, keeps all that. You made $50, they made $450. Sure, they provided the platform but you wrote the piece.

It would be great if VPN sites paid freelancers a base rate plus a percentage of commissions generated by their post(s), but we haven’t seen that. Plus, such a scheme would be complicated for the site to implement and for the freelancer to monitor and confirm. would like to try this ‘base plus a cut’ model for good freelance writers. If you are interested, get in touch with them.

If you are a good writer and have good VPN knowledge, it doesn’t take much to get your own website up and running – see our Quick Start guide.

Why limit your upside as a mere freelancer? Give a VPN website a shot!

Heck, if it doesn’t work out you can always sell your content, including to us. 🙂 

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