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What is bestVPNaffiliate.com All About?

bestVPNaffiliate.com is mainly for people who already have a job but want to make extra money from a VPN affiliate website. bestVPNaffiliate.com is also useful for other part-time bloggers such as digital nomads who want to focus on their travelling.

The techniques featured throughout this site are also scalable. This means the information will be helpful to you whether you already work full time and are hoping to make a little extra money on the side or you are seriously thinking about giving up the 9 to 5 (or 8 to 6!) grind in favour of a new lifestyle opportunity.

So, whether you will be able to write and publish a single blog post per month, one a week or one or more per day, these materials are for you.

This site is not for people who want to make money from generating a high traffic website – 1+ million pageviews per month – whether from posting images, videos or giving away free stuff in the hopes of attracting a lot of visitors and generating ad income in the process.

My techniques focus on using a website containing affiliate links from any number of potential VPN affiliate programs. This envisages you having a website with posts that provide reviews, how-to guides, or other information which contain links to another website’s VPN products. If the visitor clicks through these links and buys a VPN subscription, you get a small commission from having referred that visitor.

And many VPN affiliate programs have recurring commissions. This means that if the same visitor (now VPN customer) renews their subscription in the future, you’ll get a commission for that too.

Recurring commissions can go on for years. 🙂

bestVPNaffiliate.com is for me too

Each post on this site has comments enabled and I want to hear from you. And so do your fellow readers – about what you agree with, what you disagree with and especially about your concrete, practical, time-efficient techniques that work.

Privacy Policy

Here is our full Privacy Policy. It was updated on May 24th 2018 to comply with GDPR.

Disclosure Statement: About Affiliate Links on this Site

As this is a website about affiliate blogging and marketing, it should be no surprise that this site itself contains affiliate links.

Affiliate links are links to external websites that, should you purchase a product or service on that website, bestVPNaffiliate.com earns a commission from the sale. The commission I receive is already part of the price you pay, so you pay nothing extra. In fact, sometimes I am able to pass on exclusive discounts to you through these links from our affiliate relationships.

Good ethical practice means that affiliate blogs and websites should disclose that they use affiliate links. That's why I have a prominent notice in our sidebar on every page and post on bestVPNaffiliate.com.

You should also practice ethical affiliate marketing and be upfront and honest with your readers. I encourage you to do so!

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